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Voices from our Allies

Voices from our Allies is a page created to hear from those affected by HIV disease and who are interested in posting their thoughts for the A Girl Like Me community. Click on a link below to read Voices from our Allies blog entries. If you are interested in sending in a post for this page, please contact Krista Martel (

About Tiffany: Tiffany B. Dominique, Center for AIDS Research Community Advisory Board Coordinator and Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania’s HIV Vaccine Trials Unit. Tiffany conducts research projects focusing on HIV/AIDS addressing such topics as: the connection between HIV and IV drug use; how depression effects disease progression; and the latest one for an experimental HIV vaccine.  Additionally, she actively seeks ways to ensure HIV+ women can access and receive health and social support services.   Mrs. Dominique is also a Black Youth Vote organizer and spends countless hours mobilizing youth and young adults around issues of voter education and participation, environmental justice, and youth homelessness. Tiffany was raised in New Orleans, LA and although she had moved to Philadelphia 15 years ago still referred to New Orleans as home until her parents relocated to Houston following Hurricane Katrina.   She has a series of poetry published by Thoughts In Black, Inc and contributed to South End Press’ Anthology “What Lies Beneath”

About Sonya: Mrs. Sonya Mallard better known as “Ms Sonya Live” possess a desire to push one into their Destiny, and has an unabashed preference for the controversial. Ms. Sonya skillfully combines talk, news worthy events, interviews and motivation for people without missing a beat. The weekly show, Ms. Sonya Live is on 94.7 FM every Friday @5pm for two hours filled with Real Talk, Real Issues, with a Dose of Reality from the heart.  It features audience interaction and interviews with experts in the HIV field.  She is on a mission as a HIV Activist for the past 20 years and presently an HIV Educator/Tester with Project Response in Melbourne, Florida.  She has been Affected and not Infected with HIV, losing her best friend, Lynette Hart, to the disease.  Her greatest fulfillment comes when her students, clients, and audience members take action and make meaningful changes that transform their health, relationships, work, and spiritual lives. She is known for giving out condoms FREE and stationing condom bowls throughout drug infested neighborhoods, beauty stores, and night clubs to help decrease the disease.

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  1. May 28, 2011 8:56 am

    Welcome Tiffany, you’re the right person who has come at the right time. I am currently working on a blog which questions the future needs of 50+ HIV ers. Are we ready to meet the needs of seniors with HIV who will make up 50% of the HIV population by the year 2015?

    More to come on this topic. peace, Gisele

    • Tiffany Dominique permalink
      June 8, 2011 5:10 pm

      Thank you for the warm welcome Gisele. I look forward to reading your work. My preliminary answer to your questions is to be honest I am not sure we are ready just yet to meet future needs of 50+ HIV ers. But I am confident there are folk working on this issue and I will be excited to see what challenges and nudging you do to make it happen.

  2. Empowered permalink
    March 27, 2012 6:01 pm

    I’d just like to express my deepest, heart felt thanks and gratitude to the self-empowered, empowering and inspirational women on this site who are living with the challenging reality of HIV and yet, managing to thrive and shine your not so little light, spiritual magnificence, indomitable character, priceless wisdom and inner strength on others. Your courage to face and conquer your greatest fears gave me something powerful to aspire towards if fate brought me what I felt I simply could not handle or accept. Your immense courage gave me hope, faith and belief in the idea that life goes on no matter what we are dealt on our journey here on earth and if we choose to, we can use our seemingly worst predicaments as tools for inner refinement and instruments that bring out the finest quality of our humanity. You ladies got me through one of the darkest and isolating moments I’ll probably ever have to endure. May you continue to flourish and squeeze as much meaning out of your experiences as possible and may you enjoy the greatest quality of life the universe has to offer. You are my sheroes, so go on with your bad selves!! Don’t ever let anything hold you down or back! I’ll always be here sending you moral support each and every day of your lives. Sisterly love and hugs, Empowered.


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