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One more thing

May 25, 2012

I am gearing up this summer to try to get so much done before school starts again. I swear there is just one more thing to do, just one. Will I spend quality time with my kids, or will there be just one more thing to do? Will I spend more quality time with my husband, or I have to do just one more thing.

If we spend our life just doing that one more thing, who will they remember when we are gone? Will they be able to describe our beautiful face and are infectious laugh? Or will they be able to describe the backs of our heads as we are leaving to do that one more thing.

I sat down to write this and it really didn’t turn out how I had thought. I think I needed to hear it from myself.

We all have an opportunity that many don’t. We realize that at any moment our lives can be dramatically changed. So when you are invited to a family BBQ and you just don’t want to go, GO! There may not be a next time. When your children want you to play with them… Stop what you are doing and play!!! Spend time with the people that love you. If you don’t, they might end up the ones that have one more thing to do, and it might not include you.


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  1. mumbaiyyagal permalink
    June 21, 2012 2:33 am

    Commendable write-up, Jae. Life is certain but death is UNCERTAIN. Thus I ALWAYS believe in valueing people, spending quality time to those who need me and even forgiving my enemies. Before, I use to be a laid-back person, a lazy type, a procrastinator. But HIV has changed my personality and even my attitude in whole, and moulded my character that my outlook to life has changed. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second….From the day I wake up till I go back to bed at night- I never take life for granted, but am thankful for small things, be it good or bad… everything happen for a reason….for a perpose….and people in ur life are there coz they had to be there also for a reason/purpose till their part in ur story of life is over and they become “acquaintance”….

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