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So how’s everyone doing?

May 11, 2012

I finally have high speed (internet)!   I hope to post more now, if there is a need for it.  I say that, because,  I am not on Meds, and I don’t seem to find many like me.

I have come to the conclusion…I am an  unwanted oddity.

I am switching doctors, and hope that the new specialist can carry on a conversation about nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, or I will probably drop out of care!!!!

I am tired of references to the Immune System, when It’s the Lymphatic System health that is the issue!!!

Every bit of information I have amassed…I have researched on my own.

I don’t understand how people think that drinking alcohol and smoking, popping pills and snorting cocaine, eating junk and exposing yourself to environmental toxins…is OK.  Conducive to life!

I guess the free will part of it comes into play. You have the free will to speed along your demise. You also have the free will to stop the deterioration of your precious bodily functions, by stepping up your nutritional intake!!!

Sure it’s expensive. I hear every one of you!  Well I am not on meds, and I think that’s worth it.  I save money on Liquor I don’t buy, drugs I don’t take, doctor visits I don’t need, and cleaning supplies that will only harm me!!!  Vinegar and salt works great.

It’s your choice. Even if you are on meds, especially if you are on meds!   Drink some carrot juice, eat some spinach, give up white bread and sugar….read about the Lymphatic System!

I am sad that I am so healthy and can’t help others….so please eat better. That’s not canned corn! It’s fresh and vibrant and healthy nutrition. I am worth it, and so are you.

I hope that newly diagnosed hear more info than previously peddled.  Personally, I think the people like me have given up, and live healthy to themselves. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.     Take better care of yourself, and freak out your doctors!

  1. June 5, 2012 10:14 pm

    UPDATE: I just had labs done. August 2011 was 2600 vl. Now it’s 1900. No meds, just good food.

  2. mumbaiyyagal permalink
    June 21, 2012 3:35 am

    Dearest Linda,
    YES, that is what I use to tell people here in India too….they use to come to me complaining about how medications are wearing them down, how side-effect are taking toll, how their quality of life is diminishing…..and I use to ask about their lifestyle, and bam!!! Thats what I find….late nights, worries, unhealthy diets, lot of oil/fried stuffs, canned food, fast food, and above all “I am not worth to be loved anymore” kind of attitude!…. What drives me up the wall is that the place/area/city where I live does not have HIV Support Group which itself is a pity. Therefore I cant blame them for going into despair and neglecting themselves. I too was once like them until better sense prevailed, and I learned and picked up on my own. And now here I am, where I try, at least try my best to give hope to many others by projecting myself. To show them that HIV is not the end of life. Rather, it is just a new beginning…..

    Thus, having said, keep up the good work, be positive, and love urself. U are worth EVERYTHING than this damned virus 🙂

    (((hugs))) and much love

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