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My trip to Colombia and the importance for our health to disconnect

March 5, 2012

I just got back from my country Colombia and had a beautiful spiritual connection with mother nature…I disconnected from everything!

This is so important for our health! Not only have I been really taking care of my body..I stopped smoking, started eating organic and very healthy…but learning to stop and look at the beautiful gift that is nature and connecting to it as one…this was a total spiritual medication for me.

Sometimes as activists we get burned out and we need to stop! And this is not only for activists, it’s for everyone..HIV positive or HIV negative..activist or non-activist.

Happiness comes from within, not from external and material things. Some of the most wonderful things in life are for free .

I urge everyone to take care of yourself in every way! Spiritually, mentally and physically–this is the key to a healthy life and a happy life! We all love material things, but in this journey and process I call life I am learning that having the basics and all of these beautiful things that are free, we can be happy! The rest of the things that come to us are blessings and they are welcomed.

Many of the people I spoke to in this small journey were very happy and they had NOTHING! Or just basics! They had time for everything…love, work, breakfast, lunch, dinner, living life and they are happy…always smiling! Not stressed out angry people…these are my new teachers!

So please stop when you can, and appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds us!

En Espanol:

As always,

Love and Light,

Maria T Mejia

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  1. March 6, 2012 3:17 pm

    Maria! it’s ironic, for I too have just returned from a trip. This journey took me to my family who live on the coast of Canada. When my brother asked me if I was happy with my holiday I replied that the change of scenery and routine (medical routine and appointments for a whole month) was so freeing and satisfying. Then I read your word: DISCONNECT. Such an appropriate word to describe my month in British Columbia.

    For me, it was time to stop and look around at a world that is not dominated by a virus; I was able for a little while to leave the virus behind and look at myself and to enjoy the vistas that my country offers with its mountains and lakes and the opportunity to talk to new people.

    It IS so important to step back , to disconnect from our routines. Thank you Maria for drawing attention to this important task we can do for ourselves: my new mantra:

    DISCONNECT peace, Gisèle

  2. March 6, 2012 3:29 pm

    Dear Gisele..I am so happy you were able to DISCONNECT also! isnt it wonderful?

    we must do this or and we will see our quality of life improve in so many ways..

    Love and light


  3. tere permalink
    March 6, 2012 11:08 pm

    it was very nice , our trip was de best
    to be in contac with the nature was the best

    todo muy lindo y verdadero lo que comentas aqui
    te felicito ,
    your mother , tu mami

  4. mumbaiyyagal permalink
    March 18, 2012 2:30 pm

    Yes, the need to disconnect is important. At times one need to take a break from everything hectic, go far far away where u can be yourself. That is very important for overall health, specially for the people suffering from life-threatening diseases who has to cope up with stress and pressures. This help renews the energy. There is a magic in it!

  5. Khadijat permalink
    March 22, 2012 8:21 am

    Really happiness comes from within not from external and material things. It’s nice that you are able to DISCONNECT. At times we need this kind of decision to live a healthy a life.

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