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Bose’s Intro

December 6, 2011

My name is Bose Olotu Oladayo. I am from Nigeria, from one of the south/west states, Ekiti state, to be precise. I am a woman, born in August 1975 to a family of seven. I am married with three children. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Some eleven years ago I tested positive to HIV virus.

Why Bose wants to be a part of A Girl Like Me: I would like to share my expirence on the blog because it will help me learn from others and many can also learn from my experience as a woman living with HIV. I can also find relief and encouragement from lots of other women on the blog.

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  1. December 6, 2011 5:46 pm

    Welcome Bose! We are so happy and honored to have your powerful voice as a part of the blog! Thank you for your courage, strength and voice on behalf of yourself and other women!

  2. December 6, 2011 7:58 pm

    Welcome, welcome, welcome. Hugs to you, thanks for joining us.


    • boseolotu permalink
      December 7, 2011 3:57 am

      Thank you all for this warm wellcome. I fill so happy to be a member of this family. A girl like me.

  3. December 7, 2011 12:28 pm

    Welcome! I already know that you are a courageous woman, living with HIV makes it so. And I am happy to know another Girl Like Me. peace, Gisele

  4. December 10, 2011 2:31 am

    Your welcome my dear! you are certainly in the right place. God Bless. Joy

  5. akwir mirriam ojoj permalink
    December 10, 2011 4:01 am

    u are most welcome girl. u are part of this beautiful family lets believe in our selves,have fun en we shall make it.

    • boseolotu permalink
      December 11, 2011 5:31 am

      Thank you

      • barely_coping permalink
        December 18, 2011 1:16 pm

        Hello Bose and welcome. I am also quite new on this blog and I must say it is very inspiring. It is such a relief to know that there are women who share the same fears and to whom you will be able to pour your heart without any fear of being judged or discriminated against. Welcome once more and I hope this is the beginning of an endless and fruitful relationship. Lots of hugs!!

      • boseolotu permalink
        December 18, 2011 8:30 pm

        Thank you so much for all your ecouragement. I belive we all have great things to share. Stey well.

      • May 28, 2012 4:35 am

        Bose dont look at urself with prblm,i must tell u that u are as free like any other man on earth,and wil like to speak with u.thanks.08092855313.

  6. Khadijat permalink
    March 22, 2012 10:16 am

    Hello Bose,
    It’s nice hearing your voice on A Girl Like Me. I am also from Nigeria living in Ibadan thou I am new on the blog the only truth about this blog is that, it is very very inspiring.


    • boseolotu permalink
      March 23, 2012 2:29 am

      Dear, thank so much for your words of encouragement, as it gives me great joy to cotinue in what I do reaching out go as many women out there who needs our encouragment. And givd hope to those who still thinks that to have HIV/AIDS is the end of the road! I say no there is a shining light at the end of that tournel!!! s Stay Well and Happy!!

  7. yunusa umar permalink
    May 10, 2012 6:56 pm

    It was so painful i got to know who i was chatting with lately all the way from Lagos to Abuja(dutse). Though, i’m not a member of this family, but i have people very close to my heart that died ignorantly. You are a wonderful woman, and you inpired me. Two of your type will make this syndrom stigmtization free. At least i was happy knowing you, wished to meet you again.remain blessed.

    • boseolotu permalink
      May 11, 2012 10:16 am

      Thank you sir, I am most encouraged by your words, and people like you will surely make the difference in the world.

      Abosede Oladayo (Nee Olotu)





      Cell Phone:+234-809-9 552757 Address: 223, Ikorodu road Anthony Lagos


      The Joy Of  the Lord Is Your Strength 

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