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Unashamedly Positive…Normal is soooo over rated!!!

April 27, 2011

Isn’t it weird how we are perceived by others?  I went to meet friends for an ‘Andy Warhol’ exhibition the other day; I’ve known them for years and met them through being Positive. I don’t get to see them on a regular basis so it was really nice to catch up with them and have a whole lot of Art thrown into the equation as well.

On walking from the Gallery to the Pub for a little lunch and maybe a cocktail or two, one of my friends mentioned on seeing how difficult and slow I walked; that he never realized that I had a mobility problem. He said that because of the way I appear and act that my disability never came across to him…..My Leo mane is Pink and I have a friendly, chatty nature.

I had thought everybody had realized about my walking difficulties as I know I don’t walk like a ‘Normal Person.’ I say this as this is what a medically trained specialist said to me!!!

So I was really puzzled that my friend hadn’t ever noticed as I thought it was so plain to see? I walk oddly and have done so since being diagnosed. I couldn’t walk at all for about three months. It was like everything just kind of switched off? I remember sitting and trying to send messages from my Brain down my legs to my feet to get them to move…but these messages could never get through, there was some sort of blockage?

I have had to learn to walk again and have had many falls and have cracked my ribs on one occasion and had the biggest bruise on my face. It continues to be a struggle and very painful. My knees hurt, my feet and toes are really sore and I have odd painful impulses that go up my right leg. I wear a big ugly support bandage on my right knee..But I do it all in my own creative style and have learned that you have to learn to walk before you can run. Ok I know that I will never be able to run physically-but in my mind I’m running with the best of them and as ‘Freddie Mercury’ sang “Don’t Stop Me Now-I’m having such A Good Time, I’m Having a Ball”….and may this Ball continue for many years with many more exciting people entering my life and great opportunities along the way.

And who cares if I don’t walk like a ‘Normal’ person, what is Normal anyway? I’ve always believed ‘Normal’ is soooo Over-rated!!!

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  1. April 28, 2011 10:26 am

    Dear Mandy, I too walk funny since I suffer from a perpetual neuropathy since the time I had shingles. Like yourself, there was a time when I could barely walk at all.

    I recall, once I was able to get back to work which included climbing 2 flights of stairs, how grateful I was to be able to do it again.

    So now, when I massage my feet to keep the circulation going, I say: I won’t forget about you if you don’t forget about me. It’s amazing at the things we come to be grateful for. peace Gisele

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