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The Inflammation Threat

August 23, 2010

I recently read an article about inflammation from, titled: “HIV and Inflammation:  A new threat”.  The article raised my level of concern.  If you have a chance please read it, it’s an interesting article.  Since I’m participating in a study, I contacted the nurse who works with me to ask if the study group checks for inflammation when they do my labs.  She said they did, but the results were stored until the end of the study – I wouldn’t get the information.  Frustrating!  I’m a need-to-know girl and feel I should be taking responsibility in helping the drugs I’m on to deal with HIV.  Sooo, I’ve researched online and have read several articles about foods and herbs that help with inflammation.  Some are: ginger, devils claw, blueberries, cherries, papaya, pineapple and really a lot of the foods I already eat.  But how much of the herbs to take and how much of the fruits, veggies etc? I’m thinking of contacting some naturalpathic colleges to see if anyone is studying the effects of foods and herbs on inflammation, specifically with people fighting HIV and if they’re not, requesting that they please do so.  The naturalpath I see is from Bastyr College.  They will be my first contact.

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