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Jesse’s journey

June 28, 2010

Recently, we received an email from a young man named Jesse who asked our permission to use information he found on The Well Project website for a Powerpoint presentation he put together on HIV disease.  We were impressed with the work that he did given the resources he found on our website (and elsewhere), and his determination to help those around him understand more about HIV–helping to break down any myths about HIV and hopefully reducing the stigma surrounding it.

Jesse has set out to help the people in his life better understand HIV, as well as to help others who are newly diagnosed, which includes his new blog about his own journey of  testing positive for HIV one year ago and where he is today.  Since he is just getting started, we are sure he could use some words of encouragement and we thought our  wonderful support community on A Girl Like Me would like to visit his site: and read about his journey.  While you are there, check out his Handy Tools, which includes the HIV presentation he developed (with help from and the spreadsheet he created (which others can use for themselves too) to keep track of his viral load and CD4 cells.

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